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Frequently Asked Questions



All Airport Transfer Companies are not the same !

At LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE we specialize in supplying our Clients with a VIP Service at very affordable rates. Also we have large vehicle fleets to choose from, to enable us to assist you better.

Are Your Charges Based On Per Person Or Per Group ?

All of the prices shown on our Website are per vehicle.   You may carry as many passengers as you like, and as much luggage that your chosen vehicle can legally carry.  Please contact us when you know the total number of passengers and amount of luggage and we will be able to advise you on the most suitable vehicle for your journey and the exact cost.

What Is The Seating And Luggage Capacity Of A VW Minibus ?

The VW Caravelle is the most suitable vehicle for a small party as it can carry up to 7 or 8 passengers plus 8 suitcases plus 8 items of hand luggage.  

What Is The Seating And Luggage Capacity Of The Other Vehicles ?

We have so many types of vehicles to offer our Clients, with their varied requirements, so it is simpler if you contact us with your precise number of passengers and luggage inventory and itinerary so that we can advise the perfect transportation for your journey. 

How Do I Know My Booking Is Confirmed

After you have placed your order, your booking will be confirmed to you by E-Mail.

How Do I Identify My Vehicle And Driver At The Airport ?

The Airport Collection Procedure for Sedan and 8-Seater Minibuses is as follows:  Your driver will "Meet & Greet" you inside the Airport Terminal with a Nameboard showing the Lead Passenger's Name.

The Airport Collection Procedure for 16-Seater Minibuses and 34-Seater and 49-Seater Coaches is as follows:   NO "Meet & Greet Service"  is available.  

For Heathrow Airport Passenger Collections - all coaches and drivers MUST report to the Coach Park at Heathrow and they will not be released from there, until you or the Lead Passenger speaks with the Airport Terminal Coach Marshall and tells him that you are the group for the UK TRAVEL COACH  and then he will allow your Coach and Driver to collect you and your group from the Airport Terminal.

IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING HEATHROW COACH COLLECTION PROCEDURE   The Coach Park Supervisor will not release any Coach until up to one hour after the flight has landed and even then he will only allow the Coach to leave the Heathrow Airport Coach Park if the Lead Passenger has reported to the Coach Marshall by the Airport Terminal Building confirming that they are ready to be collected by their Coach and Driver.  There are Security reasons for this procedure and also because there is very limited space for Coaches to collect or stop and wait by the Airport Terminal.

How Do I Identify My Vehicle And Driver At The Cruise Port ?

The Cruise Port Collection Procedure for ALL vehicles is  as follows:  Your Driver and Vehicle will collect you from the Designated Collection Point outside the Port Terminal Building (the Ship's Crew will show the exact location on the day).

What If I Cannot Find My Driver ?

If you cannot see your driver, please do not leave the pick-up location before ringing us, as we will be able to assist you in finding him.  All of our drivers have Mobile Telephones and you will of course be supplied with our Operations Manager's Emergency Contact Telephone Number after you have finalized your Booking with us. 

What If a "Meet And Greet Service" Is Required At a London Airport For a COACH Booking ?

We can arrange one of our staff to "Meet and Greet" you or your Passengers inside the Airport Terminal Building to escort them to where their Coach and Driver is going to collect them - an additional £50 charge is applicable for this.

What Happens If My Flight Is Delayed ?

We do not dispatch a driver until we have a confirmed landing / arrival time as we check your flight number with the airport to ensure that it is running to schedule.  Obviously we do not charge for flight delays.  

What Is Your Company's Policy On Waiting Time Charges At The Airport After My Flight Has Landed ?

There is no charge for the first ONE HOUR after the flight has landed, which you will agree is generous.     
And in return please kindly do not expect your driver to be be waiting at the airport from the moment your flight lands !      We ask our drivers to aim to get to the Airport approximately 30 - 45 minutes after your Flight has landed in order to give you time to obtain your Baggage and to clear Customs and Immigration Formalities and to enter the Public Area inside Airport Terminal where the Driver will meet you. 

If ONE HOUR has passed after your Flight has landed,   and you have not made contact with your Driver or with our Company (by Telephone)   then any further waiting time  will be charged per additional half hour (or part of half hour)  and ONLY THE FIRST ONE HOUR starting at the time the Flight has landed will be FREE OF CHARGE.

Excess waiting time rates that are chargeable for your chosen type of vehicle (AFTER THE FIRST HOUR) will be supplied on request.

What Is Your Company's Policy On A "NO SHOW" At The Airport ?

If one and half hours (90 minutes) has passed  AFTER THE FLIGHT HAS ALREADY LANDED  and the passengers HAVE FAILED TO CONTACT our Company or the Driver,  then we have to assume the booking is a NO SHOW  and the driver will be ordered to proceed immediately to his next booking.

Please note in the rare event that a NO SHOW occurs, full payment for the booking is still payable to LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE by the person who placed the order, as no cancellation of the hire was received. 

What If I Have To Cancel My Booking After I Have Placed It ?

There is no charge for written hire cancellations that are received SEVEN DAYS before a booking or earlier. Cancellations received more than TWO DAYS before the day of the hire and within less than 7 DAYS notice are chargeable at 50% of the total charge. Cancellations received in less than TWO DAYS before the day of the hire are still chargeable at full price ie. no refund is possible.

Once I Am In The Car, What Is The Policy On Traffic Delays ?

Unlike London black Transfers we do NOT charge for traffic delays on the way to your destination.

What Happens If I Want To Alter My Destination ?

Itinerary changes must be made before the day of the hire, as last minute alterations on the day will be impossible, as they will not fit our schedule to honour other confirmed Clients' bookings.

Also please note additional destinations/stops are always chargeable at varying rates according to their location, even if they are on route to your final destination.

Who Is Responsible For My Luggage ?

Please take full control of all your possessions as clearly we cannot accept liability for luggage at any time which is of course sensible and is also confirmed by UK Legislation.   This is normal practice for all car hire companies in the UK, since we do not know their value, and also it is so stipulated by all UK Insurance Companies.

What Is The Charge For Hires On Christmas Day ?

Special Hire Date Surcharges:   For Christmas Eve (after 18:30hrs ),  Christmas Day  and  New Year's Eve (after 18:30hrs )  our surcharge is 100% of the normal hire charge.  

For Boxing Day and New Year's Day:  our surcharge is 100% of the normal hire charge.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.
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