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Small-interest Unsecured Working Capital Loans

Loans without collateral usually have a large enough interest because of the high risk that must be borne by the lender. Without collateral means the lender does not get a guarantee that the debt will be paid off. If the borrower does not pay the debt, the lender cannot confiscate and auction off the assets because there are no assets used as collateral. As a result, usually the interest for unsecured loans can be much greater than loans with collateral.


Large interest would be a big burden

Large interest would be a big burden

Moreover, if you use it for venture capital, the profits alone are not necessarily large. Fortunately, there are now lighter offers for business owners in the form of unsecured working capital loans. This type of credit usually has a smaller interest than unsecured loans for personal consumption needs.

Usually, small-scale unsecured loans are given by banks or government-owned financial institutions to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in an effort to help entrepreneurs develop their business. This is very important for the government because small and medium entrepreneurs have a considerable influence on the country economy. In addition, when the business gets bigger, the business will need new employees, which means opening up jobs. For the government, this certainly helps the unemployment problem. That is the reason why the government provides small business loans that do not require collateral and small interest.


Banks and government-owned institutions

Banks and government-owned institutions

There are also banks and private institutions that offer working capital loans without collateral whose interest is not too large. The reasons are quite diverse such as competition between banks that cause banks to have to use various methods to get customers, including setting a lower interest rate. In addition, there are usually incentives or benefits provided by the government for banks that are willing to provide mild business capital loans to the public.

For banks and financial institutions, lending as business capital offers less risk than lending for personal consumption as long as the business has prospects that can be developed. For businesses with high prospects, the profit potential is very large so that the entrepreneur has the ability to pay debts.


Loans without collateral

Loans without collateral

Loans without collateral can be given as initial business capital or as additional capital for businesses that are already running. Of course, there are differences between the two, especially in terms of terms and the number of loans that can be given.

For start-up capital, the requirements are quite heavy because the borrower must submit an attractive business plan with very high prospects. The proposal must be neat, detailed and convincing. This is certainly not easy because of the many factors of calculation and its possibilities. Usually this type of loan quota is also limited so that competition is tighter. Then, the loan amount is not too large. But that does not mean this loan is impossible, because many people have already got it. Creative and innovative types of businesses have a higher chance of being able to get a large enough loan.

For business capital that is already running, the requirements are also not easy because there must be evidence of financial stability and also attractive development prospects. However, if you manage to fulfill it, the number of loans that can be submitted is usually quite large. Then, the quota provided for this credit is usually also greater. If your business runs well, you are very likely to get a loan.


Unsecured loans – your credit history is very influential

Unsecured loans - your credit history is very influential

If you have a good credit record, chances are you get a large loan, and vice versa. If your credit record is bad, it is difficult for you to get a loan. Therefore, it is very important for you to be disciplined in paying debts before or at least not past the due date.

After you get a loan and can prove discipline in paying credit, then you will be able to get a loan back with a loan amount that may be greater. In fact, most likely the bank that immediately offered you a new loan. Apart from that, you might get many attractive offers such as getting discounts on the fees charged.

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