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Booking Terms & Conditions

    1.HIRE TERMS CHECKBOX: By ticking the box labelled "I have read and understand the terms and conditions*" on our CHECKOUT Page, all hirers are thereby bound by our booking terms and conditions as shown below.  If the hirer decides to use other methods of payment instead,  then these online terms will still apply to each and every hire without exception.

    2.HIRE CONDITIONS: All hires accepted by LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE are subject to these Booking Terms & Conditions without exception or variation terms and by placing a confirmed order with LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE all Clients will be deemed to have read, understood and fully agreed to these terms which are hereby incorporated into all bookings by reference. The invalidity of one or more or part thereof of any hire term/s will not affect the validity of the remaining terms as set here.

    3.Only the Hire Details provided by LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE in our Hire Order Confirmation will apply to any Confirmed Booking/s and any other details or estimates (whether fixed or varying) which are provided before said Hire Order Confirmation is issued to the client or by the client and LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE (other than these 11 Hire Terms) will be purely for information purposes only and not to be construed to be part of the Hire Contract.

    4.COLLECTION PROCEDURE: The prices quoted by LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE are discounted in order to make them affordable to as many Clients as possible. In return for this discount, all Clients please not OUR GRACE PERIOD ENTITLEMENT as follows: We always endeavour to arrive at pick-up addresses early, however on rare occasions, due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. roadworks, traffic congestion due to accidents, snow/ice etc.) we get delayed - In that event, as long as the vehicle arrives at the pickup/collection address within 60 minutes of the agreed time, we will then be deemed to have fulfilled our contract, and no recompense of any kind will therefore be entertained. We always try to avoid this situation as late pickups, clearly are not in our Client's or in our own interests. It is however in the Client's interest to allow room for error to or from a collection point, ie. to arrange the booked time for their Vehicle/s earlier if possible and also to depart promptly at the booked time if the destination arrival time is important. At no time can LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE ever guarantee destination arrival times as they are subject to traffic conditions on the day.

    5.WAITING TIME/DELAY: Further to the previous term above, as LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE is entitled to a GRACE PERIOD ENTITLEMENT, we in turn pass this generous courtesy to all Airport Collections (not to hotel or other collections) in that we never charge for the first 45 minutes waiting time/delay after the actual flight landing time.  IMPORTANT NOTE: If the Client/Lead Passenger fails to contact us within 45 minutes after the booked time, then the transfer will be classified as a "NO SHOW" and the booking will be terminated and the driver will then go on to collect his next booked client's hire. For "NO SHOW" bookings it will be deemed by both parties that hire has been cancelled by the Client by failure to contact LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE and no refund can be contemplated for the "NO SHOW" by the hirer at the designated collection point and time.  PLEASE NOTE:  There is no Free Waiting Time from other pick-up locations (except for Collections at Cruise Ports where there is 30 minutes FREE WAITING TIME)  and any delay is chargeable according to the vehicle booked (waiting time charges vary from 30 - 60 per hour depending on the booked vehicle and are available in advance on request. 

    6.AIRPORT WAITING TIME CHARGES STARTING FROM ONE HOUR  AFTER  THE FLIGHT HAS ACTUALLY LANDED:  Waiting time charges vary from 30 - 60 per hour depending on the booked vehicle and are available in advance on request.  
    However the FIRST HOUR starting from when the Flight lands will  NOT be charged for.

    7.VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Clients must NOT assume that extra hire time is available on their hire date as this is normally NOT the case. Nearly all Vehicles and Drivers are reserved by our other Clients to collect them, immediately after your hire is booked to finish, and then run straight on to collect them. Thus extra waiting/delay/hire time will NOT usually be available on the hire date,
    and must therefore be ordered well in advance if required,  ie. at the time that the booking is actually paid for and finalized.

    8.LUGGAGE RESPONSIBILITY: It is solely the hirer's responsibility to reserve the appropriate vehicle based on the amount of luggage, number of passengers (and their size). Excess luggage or passengers if there is any, will then have to go in separate alternative transport arranged by the Client at very short notice at the hirer's expense, which can prove to be very costly, so proper planning by the Client is clearly appropriate. All hires undertaken by LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE are accepted in the strict understanding that responsibility for all luggage carried in our vehicles, rests solely with the Client and we therefore highly recommend travel luggage insurance to all Clients, as LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE based on UK Legislation cannot accept any liability whatsoever for lost luggage.

    9.ONLINE BOOKINGS: should not be placed less than 48 hours before a hire date without first contacting us for vehicle and driver availability by email or telephone.    Regarding Christmas Holiday Surcharges, there is no space in our Shopping Cart to deal with them. So for information purposes we are publishing our applicable Surcharges here which are payable in cash to the driver (or by card in advance). Special Date Supplements: Xmas Eve (after 18:30 ), Xmas Day, & New Year's Eve (after 18:30): 100% Surcharge, Boxing Day & New Year's Day: 50% Surcharge.

    10.VEHICLE UPGRADES: London Airport Shuttle hereby reserves the right to upgrade any booking to a LARGER VEHICLE or to send TWO VEHICLES instead of one,  without prior notice to the passengers or hire,  and at NO EXTRA COST WHATSOEVER to the Hirer.

    11.HIRE CANCELLATIONS: Hire cancellations for bookings with cancellation notice received 14 days or more before the first hire date will result in a FULL REFUND less 10% of the Total Hires Charge. Hire cancellations for bookings with Cancellation Notice received of less than 14 days notice before the first hire date, will result in a 100% Cancellation Charge of the Total Booking Value being applicable and no refund will be payable.

    12.HIRE CANCELLATION PROCEDURE: Should a Client need to cancel a booking with LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE, the following method must be adhered to. The Client must email us without any delay confirming the cancellation (and quoting the booking reference number originally advised by the Shopping Cart) and LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE will then refund whatever payment is due to the Client based on the amount of days' notice supplied by the hirer (as mentioned above).   In the unlikely event that you do not receive a response from LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE within 24 hours confirming your Hire Cancellation,  please assume that we did not receive your email, and please kindly email us again or use our ONLINE ENQUIRY FORM to cancel your Booking with us.

    13.COMPENSATION: If in the highly unlikely circumstance a dispute regarding the quality of our hire service supplied arises, and if we are then unable to resolve the matter to the hirer's satisfaction, please note that in that event the hirer by paying for and finalizing any hire with us hereby agrees categorically and without exception that: LONDON AIRPORT SHUTTLE's liability will always be limited to a full refund of all monies received from the hirer for that particular hire, and that at no time will any further compensation of any kind become liable or be considered.



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